IV. Life & Meaning

Life has strange ways

The moment I finally started to understand what humans really are, I wanted to know less about myself and more about self. I wanted to know why I was doing what I was doing, what environment does to us and how different conditions change our way of thinking, form our habits and create a conditioning or paradigm which does control all our results and ultimately, how we can change or shift it. There are certain things I want to share with you, for I do not take any credit, since it has been explained many times by different people throughout human life on earth and the existence of consciousness itself. 

Life really is an illusion, everything you see around you, is nothing but thought expressions of someone else's ideas you inherit. You yourself, is mostly the ideas of your environment, the people within your environment and the habits you learned from them. This will become one of the main sections, it will explain in debt the universal laws human life and life in general is governed on earth and the universe. I'm in the process of creating, and I'm eager to bring to this side what is guiding me all day every day, all week every week, all month every month, since more then 30 years now.

- Law of Divine Oneness

- Law of Vibration

- Law of Fiction

- Law of Correspondence

- Law of Cause and Effect

- Law of Compensation

- Law of Attraction

- Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

- Law of Gestation

- Law of Relativity

- Law of Polarity

- Law of Rhythm

- Law of Belief

- Law of Gender

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As Eckart Tolle puts it: "The basic mechanics of the unconscious state, is identification with the mind, which does create a false sense of self, the ego, a substitute of your true self, which is rooted in being."

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